by: Dione

I rarely speak up in response to people dismissing adoptee voices. I can’t stand the condescending comments use in a effort to silence me and keep the needed changes to take place. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately though. This is what I’ve thought.

***“Not all” children grow up to be alcoholics, but there are programs and help for the ones that do.

***“Not all” marriages end in divorce, but there is help, counseling before and after, and support available for the ones that do.

***“Not all” women have miscarriages, but there is help, support, and understanding for the ones that do.

***“Not all” children are physically and/or sexually abused, but there are laws to try to prevent, punishments when one is, support, preventative measures, understanding for the ones that do.

***“Not all” employees are sexually harassed/assaulted at work, but…you get where I going, right?

Thank God, right? Can you imagine if there was none and NO ONE who would listen because NOT ALL? If you ask me 1 is too many!! I wouldn’t wish my experience on Satan himself, but I am silenced because NOT ALL.

Can you imagine if someone listened and there were preventative measures, laws, support and understanding? Change does not mean for the worse. We are hoping, praying for a better for some, maybe 1, to have a different story. My 2 cents.

NOTE FROM BECCA: I want to add some more “not alls” to this…

***NOT ALL people with diabetes lose a limb. But there is immense research and subsequent treatment and therapies to prevent and treat. We have compassion for those who have lost a limb, and heed their warnings.

***NOT ALL people in car accidents get injured or die…but we still have seat belts, child seat regulations, and safety campaigns to teach about defensive driving. We are constantly working on making cars and our roads more safe.

***NOT ALL people who get drunk and then drive a car cause a crash…but we still have laws that prevent drinking and driving.


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