Liz DeBetta

***Liz DeBetta was adopted domestically in New Jersey in 1977 in a closed adoption. She is a PhD candidate Humanities & Culture, Union Institute & University (certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies/Creative Writing), MA in English from the City University of NY (College of Staten Island), BA in Theatre/Speech from Wagner College. A Lecturer of English at Utah Valley University, and the writing and performance mentor for Act Risk No More, Liz is also a member of Actor’s Equity and SAG-AFTRA. She is interested in performance based narrative writing for healing and social change from a feminist perspective within the areas of adoption culture and reproductive justice as a way of disrupting dominant narratives and shifting paradigms for adoptees and birth mothers. Her writing has been published on and in #MeToo: Essays About why this Happened, What it Means and How to Make Sure it Never Happens Again. She is a team facilitator of Adoptees Connect in Salt Lake City and is currently researching the benefits of of creative writing to heal adoptee trauma.

Caitlyn Davis

***Caitlyn Davis was adopted from foster care along with her 3 older biological siblings. She was raised in a closed adoption with trauma informed & loving parents. She currently lives in Guatemala. Her professional work is centered on creating spaces for meaningful learning and exchange to take place. Caitlyn is passionate about helping others see and understand the complexities of adoptee experiences.

Sheri Hennings

***Sheri Hennings is an infant adoptee from foster care, raised in a closed adoption with her parents, adopted brother, and their natural son. Sheri has been in reunion with her birth mother since her early thirties, which opened the floodgate of trauma awareness. Through extensive personal development work, she has been able to move into a position advocacy raising awareness for the trauma adoption brings by giving an adoptee center perspective. Her goal is to broaden the equity lens to those without the lived experience of adoption to effect change on a systemic level. Sheri lives in the San Francisco Bay-Area with her husband and three daughters, whom she homeschools. She is also a dance and yoga teacher and has a deep passion for helping clients heal emotional and physical pain using various healing modalities.

Becca Dragon

***Becca Dragon is an adoptee born, adopted and raised in Washington DC. She is a 7th generation Washingtonian; an urban expat currently living in rural Vermont with her husband and three children. She is the creator of and was the facilitator of Meetinghouse Farm Homeschool CSE (Community Supported Education), a collaborative and community based education program. Now over two years post reunion with her biological family, she is currently working on a book Adoption: Myths, Misgivings, and Madness, for which this platform was originally named and created. She has also created a fully consumable online class for adoptive parents called Living Adoption. Both projects aim to elevate the adoptee voice, and to center adoptees in discussion about adoption, and in the exploration of their own lives.